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Tokyo Casino and Hotel laws a 70% chance to be passed this year!

Finally! Looking forward to seeing a Japan Casino and Hotel complex
GGRASIA reports that there is a 70% chance the law to allow a casino in Japan to take shape!  We are looking forward to seeing an amazing Tokyo hotel and casino complex!

"The Integrated Resort Bill that aims to legalise casino gaming in Japan has a “70 percent chance” of passing during the newly extended session of the country’s parliament (pictured), analysts at CIMB Securities Ltd have been told in a meeting with a lawmaker there. They did not name the person that gave them the information.

“We met with a member of the House of Representatives of the Japanese National Diet in order to get clarity on the progress of the Promotional IR (integrated resort) bill in Japan,” said analysts Michael Ting and Jensen Poon in a note on Thursday.

“We were told that the Promotional IR bill has a 70 percent chance of passing by the end of the current Diet session on September 27.”